Web 3.0 SocialFi Marketplace

Sliced is a Web3 marketplace with SocialFi and GameFi attributes. The marketplace features will change the landscape of how the majority of people trade and communicate. Features such as channels, instant cashback and fractional ownership of digital and real-world assets will be key to the success of the Sliced Marketplace.

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Channels helps users to monetize their social presence. It's as easy as creating a channel, select up to three categories that your channel corresponds to, put a price tag, and then you will be able to trade, and discuss with your community.

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Every time a user buys something within the marketplace the user will get to enjoy instant cashbacks and compound their gains.

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In the Sliced marketplace, the users will have different ways of generating income passively. The main manners will be, through cashbacks, staking SLICED and SLICED LP tokens in the treasury incentive program.

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The Sliced Marketplace will bring the possibility of Slicing NFTs, properties, watches, etc., and allow users to own fractions of these items/assets. This feature will help to make these items/assets more accessible and open a new door to liquidity.

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The Sliced marketplace will be using the Soulbound tokens concept for many different activities. The main activity will be for badging. Users will be able to receive these badges by fulfilling our requirements,and these badges earn the rights for certain perks within the ecosystem.

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Bitsliced LLC (GmbH) sees the amazing potential of this sector and will be planning activities to help Web 2.0 gaming companies transition to the Web 3.0 space.

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Real Estate

Bitsliced's vision is to allow users to buy Real Estate through our platform, through our partnerships this option will be possible in the near future, and our users will be able to buy Real Estas safely through crypto and NFTs.

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Bitsliced LLC (GmbH) is partnering with Charities to help them raise funds and provide more services for people in need worldwide.