Tokenize real-world assets into NFTs.


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Sliced is a Web3 app with Social-Fi and Game-Fi attributes. The app brings features that will change the way of trading & communicating for most of the people. Features such as channels, instant cashback, fractional ownership of digital and real world assets will be key for the success of the app.

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Application features.

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High profile Channels

Create your channel, build your community around it, and enjoy making a profit on each new member entering your community.

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Every time a user makes a transaction on our platform, the user will get to enjoy instant cash backs and compound their gains.

Passive income

Enjoy passive income through locking tokens in the platform or NFTs linked to real-world assets.

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We're enabling the swapping of NFTs or even whole collections for another NFT or collections, making it super fast and easy to use.

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Gamification of trades

Enjoy an intuitive and exciting user experience that will make your trading experience the best you've ever had.

SLICES (Fractional Ownership)

The Sliced app will allow users to slice their NFTs, properties, watches, etc... through our platform, and allow users to own fractions of these items/assets.

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Bitsliced LLC (GmbH) is partnering with Charities to help them raise funds and provide more services for people in need worldwide.

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Real estate

Through our partnerships, we will enable the option to buy real estate through our marketplace.

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Our platform uses the concept of the Soulbound token for many use cases. One of them is for Badging. Users that get these badges will have certain perks within the ecosystem.

The bridge for crypto users to purchase real-world items.

Trade with your tribe of like-minded communities, from real estate to collectible items.

3d graphics displays tokenized assets

$SLICED token utilities inside the application.

Trade NFTs.

Buy passive income NFTs.

Stake SLICED to participate in the treasury program.

Provide liquidity with SLICED LP to participate in the treasury program.

Mint channels.

Join channels.

Enter the metaverse.

Enter the SlicedPad.

Participate in exclusive events.

Promote Collections/NFTs within the Sliced marketplace.

View tokenomics


An innovative Business model to benefit all participants and an audited Smart contract.

About Bitsliced.

Bitsliced LLC (GmbH) is a tech firm established at what is known as “the Crypto Valley” in the Swiss canton of Zug.

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Who we are

Many well-known projects are established here due to Switzerland’s advanced legal framework for crypto companies and the secure social and economic environment.

The team comprises members with an international background, decades of experience in entrepreneurship, development and sales.

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